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Hometown Contractors, Inc. is a specialty home improvement company that builds sunrooms and screen rooms that help customers escape the heat while still enjoying the outside.  These relaxing screen rooms and beautiful sunrooms are built with high quality products and by professional installation crews.    

“All I had out there was a cement slab, and that was it,” Said Ms. Evelyn of Pensacola. “I would open the back door, and you would be right there in the immediate heat. So I couldn’t use my patio for anything. It was just very hot out there. Now I go out there all the time.”

Hometown Contractors, Inc. transformed Ms. Evelyn’s concrete slab into a 10x22 screen room with two ceiling fans and no-see-um screen for projection against bugs.

 “I have to say that I was very happy with everything. I was happy with the design consultant that came out and his suggestions for putting up the screen room. I like the fact that it has that one bar that is about 2 feet up. In case my grandkids or something ruins the screen, I only have to replace that one small part.”

“There were a few things in the end that weren’t the way that I had originally asked for it.” Ms. Evelyn was on vacation when her room was installed.  When she got back she noticed the door was not where she wanted it.

“I was very impressed how Hometown Contractors, Inc. bent over backwards to make it right.  That really pleased me. When I first saw the issue, I thought I was going to have to live with the mistake, but I think they did a great job coming out and making it right. I am very happy with the way it turned out. I couldn’t love it more.”

Ms. Evelyn’s screen room overlooks the pond to the right of her house.  At night, she enjoys sitting in her new screen room and enjoying the evening breeze.

“I love being able to have the backdoor open sometime with the fresh air coming in. I go out there in the early morning and drink my coffee. I go out there at night sometime when it is dark out and hear the ducks and the crickets and feel the cool breeze. I don’t have to worry about the bugs.  The one thing that the design consultant said is most people wish they had done it sooner, and that is the only regret that I have. I wish I had done it sooner.”

Hometown Contractors, Inc. has been voted Finest on the Emerald Coast and Best of the Bay for the past 5 years. For more information or a FREE estimate on a screen room or a sunroom, call 850-863-7880 or visit www.hometowncontractorsinc.com.

What to expect during your Hometown Contractors, Inc. experience:

  • Your Hometown Contractors, Inc. sunroom project begins with a complimentary property survey to determine if your property building setback lines and particular building requirements will allow a sunroom to be installed on your home.
  • If a sunroom is permissible, Hometown Contractors, Inc. will work with you to create a complimentary custom sunroom design right for you. This consists of measure and drawing a detailed diagram including slab foundation, wall system type, window and door orientation, roof design and any additional option that may be included.
  • Once your custom design is complete and ready for production, the project coordinator at Hometown Contractors, Inc. will do a thorough final measure to verify every detail of your sunroom and review them with you prior to ordering.
  • Once your custom sunroom is order, production is ready to begin. Each room is built on site and inspected for complete quality control.
  • Once the foundation is complete, the actual installation of your sunroom usually takes 3 to 5 day to complete.
  • Electrical is also completed after the room is installed, which normally take 3 to 7 days.
  • Your Hometown Contractors, Inc. project coordinator is there to advise you every step of the way. They will offer you complete customer service and peace of mind.

Serving Southeast Alabama and Northwest Florida for over 17 years.