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A nice hot sip of coffee first thing in the morning is the perfect way to start the day.  Sipping your coffee while enjoying the fresh morning air is an even better way to start your day.  However, with the temperatures rising, the hot sun is beating down before your coffee pot is even finished brewing.  No one wants to drink a hot cup of coffee while being cooked by the sun.

Hometown Contractors, Inc. can help provide you with extra space to enjoy the outside without fear of bugs, temperature or other pests.  Known as the sunroom experts, they specialize in building long lasting screen rooms, sunrooms, patio covers and more.  Their team of experts can transform that hot, sun-beaten patio into a cool escape for you and your family.

A New Screen Room

Hometown Contractors, Inc. recently built a new screen room for Ms. Renee of Milton to enjoy this summer.

“Before Hometown Contractors, Inc. did some work for us, you had to walk out the back door into the hot sun,” said Ms. Renee. “There was no place to sit, and there was no protection from the mosquitoes. It was not a good space.”

Phil Cohron, the production manager at Hometown Contractors, Inc., helped them add extra, usable space to their home. He designed them a 15x24 screen room with an insulated roof, an aluminum knee wall and ceiling fans. The screen used to screen in the back porch is a special type of screen that keeps out even the small gnats. They also installed French screen doors to allow Ms. Renee to open up the area even more.

“Phil is wonderful,” said Ms. Renee. “He is just a really sweet person. He really gave us detailed information. It turned out exactly like what we were expecting.”

Hometown Contractors, Inc. uses their own installation crews. They do not use subcontractors. All of the work is done by in-house employees who are covered under the company’s insurance.

“The installers at Hometown Contractors, Inc. did a good job,” said Ms. Renee when asked about the installation crew that worked on her project. “They were very courteous. I didn’t have any problems.”

In addition to building her screen room, the installers at Hometown Contractors, Inc. extended her driveway to make it a three-car driveway instead.

Once Hometown Contractors, Inc. finished her screen room, Ms. Renee brought in a large table and chairs for one side of the room.  One the other side of the room, she made a sitting area with two rocking chairs and a small stand in-between them.

“We plan on using the extra space for entertaining, and we like to eat out there. So we will use it for meals. I would tell anyone looking for a screen room to call Phil at Hometown Contractors, Inc.”

Hometown Contractors, Inc. was voted Best of the Bay in 2015 and Finest on the Emerald Coast 2016. For more information on screen rooms, or other products built by Hometown Contractors, Inc., call 850-863-7880.

What to expect during your Hometown Contractors, Inc. experience:

  • Your Hometown Contractors, Inc. sunroom project begins with a complimentary property survey to determine if your property building setback lines and particular building requirements will allow a sunroom to be installed on your home.
  • If a sunroom is permissible, Hometown Contractors, Inc. will work with you to create a complimentary custom sunroom design right for you. This consists of measure and drawing a detailed diagram including slab foundation, wall system type, window and door orientation, roof design and any additional option that may be included.
  • Once your custom design is complete and ready for production, the project coordinator at Hometown Contractors, Inc. will do a thorough final measure to verify every detail of your sunroom and review them with you prior to ordering.
  • Once your custom sunroom is order, production is ready to begin. Each room is built on site and inspected for complete quality control.
  • Once the foundation is complete, the actual installation of your sunroom usually takes 3 to 5 day to complete.
  • Electrical is also completed after the room is installed, which normally take 3 to 7 days.
  • Your Hometown Contractors, Inc. project coordinator is there to advise you every step of the way. They will offer you complete customer service and peace of mind.

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