Understanding the Benefits of Installing a Storm Door

Storm doors are a necessity during hurricane seasons. Click here to understand the full range of benefits that come with installing a storm door in your home.

Thinking about installing a storm door? Fantastic!

No matter who is passing through it, your home entry door is a critical part of your home. Storm doors can protect your entry door from the elements and even assist in your home’s energy efficiency by adding a second layer of insulation to your entryway.

There are many other benefits of installing storm doors in your home. Take these into consideration as you think about installing one.

The Benefits of Installing a Storm Door

1. Improve your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Because storm doors add an additional layer of protection to your entry door, they also add an additional buffer against the elements. They can act as insulators, preventing air leaks and keeping warm or cold air inside the home.

Relying on a storm door can lead to higher energy efficiency in your home, especially because they prevent leaks and provide additional insulation. You also may want to consider installing storm windows to maximize energy efficiency.

2. Add another level of protection to your home.

Storm doors primarily protect your entry door from rain, snow, ice, wind, and heat. This protection is especially important if your entry door has a special finish or is made of an elements-sensitive material.

Installing a storm door will reduce the amount of maintenance you’ll have to perform on your entry door, which makes it a cost-effective choice. It will extend the lifetime of your entry door and keep it safe from extreme weather conditions.

3. Boost your household security.

If you live in a high-crime and/or urban area, household security is your priority. Storm doors can provide an additional level of security in your home, discouraging burglars and other intruders from breaking entry.

4. Prevent debris, insects, and other damaging materials from entering your home.

There’s nothing worse than insects entering your home during the summer or spring. Other debris carried in through your entry door can damage floors and lead to allergies.

Storm doors keep all of those pesky creatures and dust mites out of your home by providing that helpful layer of added protection. They also can enable ventilation during the summer time without inviting in unwanted debris. You’ll be reducing the overall maintenance of your home interior–and your cleaning list–by installing a storm door.

5. Prepare your home for hurricane season.

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, it’s important to prepare your home accordingly. Storm doors provide an excellent way to add an extra layer of protection to your valuable home, in addition to protective shutters and storm panels. Choose a door made of a durable material, like aluminum or vinyl, for maximum protection.

6. Increase curb appeal and home visibility.

Storm doors can come with full-panel glass, enabling visibility and maximizing the amount of light entering the home. This is especially desirable if the entry door is solid. Pets or children can roam freely inside your home and still experience the outside world.

This effect of visibility can increase the curb appeal of your home, which is something to consider if you are a prospective home seller.

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Identify your storm door needs.

Despite their amazing benefits, storm doors are not for everyone. There are several things to keep in mind when determining whether or not a storm door is right for you.

If the entry door to your home is currently under an awning, covered porch, or any other overhang, a storm door may not be entirely critical. This is because your entry door is already quite protected from the elements.

If the entryway to your home is a busy, crowded place, with lots of people moving in and out, a storm door may be an inconvenience as it adds another layer to your front door. It may be difficult to get past if you are carrying small children, groceries, or other items.

Lastly, if you do not anticipate using your storm door as a ventilation source, heat could accumulate behind the storm door to the potential detriment of your home entry door.

Nonetheless, despite all of these considerations, storm doors are an excellent solution for anyone residing in extreme weather prone areas. They are also a great choice for homeowners desiring added security and protection of their home, as well as increased energy efficiency.

2. Consult a professional for installation assistance.

Storm doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Regardless of the type of door you eventually choose, it’s in your best interest to hire professional assistance in the installation.

Professionals will make sure that your storm door is fit seamlessly to maximize energy efficiency. They will also install the door safely and securely. If you have any future issues with your door, these professionals will be able to assist promptly and effectively.  Please note that Hometown Contractors, Inc. does not assist in projects, we only do our own projects from start to finish.  In otherwords, we do not work to repair work done or finish work done by other contractors.

3. Choose quality rather than budget.

At the end of the day, your storm door will be facing the elements and protect your home from the worst of them. It’s important, therefore, to invest in a storm door that is of high durability to do so.

Most storm doors are made of vinyl, fiberglass, wood, or aluminum. Customers can incorporate as much glass as desired when ordering storm doors.

Avoid cheap or poorly manufactured doors. Consult a professional for advice in selecting your ideal, high-quality door to maximize all of the benefits storm doors provide to your home.

Choosing Your Door

Storm doors can provide a wonderful addition to your home. They act as quality protection for your entry door against hurricanes and other unwelcome elements. Storm doors boost your home security and enable you to save money on your monthly energy bill. They are particularly ideal for residents living in extreme weather areas.

At Hometown Contractors, Inc. we are here to assist you in all of your home improvement needs. This includes installation of storm protection doors, windows, and shutters. The security and protection of your home during even the worst hurricane season is our priority. Contact us today and let us help you get your home storm-ready!

6 Reasons to Install Impact Glass Windows in Your Home

Are you thinking about installing impact glass windows in your home? We’re giving you 6 reasons why you need to install impact glass windows.

Home ownership is a great source of pride and freedom.

When you own your home, you get to start building equity. That’s why home ownership is still considered one of the most important ways to build wealth.

That said, the privileges of home ownership also come with a lot of responsibilities. Homeowners must take steps to ensure that their homes are well-maintained, and secured against both crime and dangerous weather.

If you want to secure your home, then impact glass windows are a great option. Impact glass windows are a heavy-duty solution that can give you and your family peace of mind.

Let’s take a look at six reasons to consider impact windows for your home.

Impact Glass Windows Will Protect Your Home From Hurricanes

Here on the Gulf coast, hurricanes are always a matter of concern. In fact, three of the five American cities most vulnerable to hurricanes are located along the Gulf.

Impact-resistant windows are less likely to break in the extreme weather conditions of a hurricane. Because these windows are less likely to shatter, they will protect your family from broken glass.

This is especially important for families with pets and small children. Anyone who has ever broken a plate or a bowl knows how difficult it can be to clean glass up. No matter how carefully you sweep, you often continue finding glass weeks and months later.

And those glass shards are produced by just one cup or plate. Imagine how much glass would be spread throughout the house by multiple windows breaking.

Additionally, your home will be protected from branches or other objects being hurled through the windows by high-speed winds. This will also protect the items in your home from being damaged.

Not to mention, when a window breaks during a hurricane, rain water can get in. This can cause significant damages to your walls and floors. Impact glass windows can protect your home from all of these factors.

Also, impact glass windows are a better option for hurricane protection than hurricane shutters. Shutters need to be put back up every time there is a hurricane. By contrast, impact windows are ready to protect your home as soon as they are installed.

Here on the Gulf, we don’t always get a lot of advanced notice before a hurricane comes in. Also, there may be times when you’re out of town, and learn that a hurricane is about to hit back home. Knowing that your home is already protected can offer you a lot of peace of mind.

Also, impact windows won’t block light from coming in, the way hurricane shutters do. You’ll be grateful for this if you lose power during a storm.

Sleep Soundly with Increased Security

Another great feature of impact glass windows is added security.

Most home burglaries happen when a thief enters through an unlocked door or window, or a window that is easily pried open.

These windows are difficult to break because they are constructed with several layers of glass. Since they don’t shatter easily, burglars will be discouraged from targeting your home.

Reduce Noise Pollution

There are few things more frustrating than trying to fall asleep at night, only to be disturbed by a variety of noises throughout the neighborhood.

Dogs barking, car doors slamming, and traffic all contribute to noise pollution. In addition to keeping you up at night, these sounds can also be disturbing throughout the day.

Luckily, impact glass windows can help dampen the noise that comes into your home. This is because impact windows feature a polyvinyl membrane between two sheets of glass. This polyvinyl material is effective at absorbing noise.

With impact glass windows, you can enjoy your home without being bothered by noisy distractions.

Reduce Cooling Costs

People live in Florida and Alabama because they love the temperate weather in the fall and winter.

That said, the tradeoff for these mild temperatures is a very hot summer. Even though there is often a nice breeze from the Gulf, it gets very hot and humid in the summer months.

While air conditioning provides a great relief from these high temperatures, it can get expensive. Electric bills when the air conditioning is running can be as much as three times higher!

You may be surprised to learn that impact glass windows can help with this problem as well.

The multi-layer construction of impact windows significantly reduces the amount of solar heat that penetrates your home. The more heat that gets into your home, the harder your air conditioning will have to work to cool the house.

Additionally, even though it is warm year round in Florida, there can be some chilly winter nights. Impact glass windows will help keep the heat in your house sealed in there, keeping your family warm all night.

Get a Discount on Homeowners’ Insurance

Knowing that your home is more secure will help set your mind at ease. Additionally, it will also look attractive to your insurance companies.

Insurance companies calculate how much to charge you based on certain risks. If they believe that you are more likely to need to make an expensive claim, they will charge you more.

When you install impact glass windows in your home, you are decreasing your risk of damages. Taking this precaution often results in a discount on your insurance policy.

With a discount on your monthly insurance premium, the impact glass windows could potentially pay for themselves.

Increase your Resale Value

When buyers are looking for a new home, they are most concerned that structural and security features are updated. Items like the roof, foundation, electricity, and windows have a big impact on a home’s safety.

For this reason, installing impact glass windows could add a lot of value to your home. Buyers will be enticed by the fact that they will not have to install these windows themselves.

If you’re ready to install impact windows in your home, contact us for a free quote. Our team of experts will work with you to find the perfect solution for your house.

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